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Dr Blattner provides counseling to individuals, couples, and families in St Charles Missouri

Dr. Robert Blattner has been in Private Practice since 1989. He specializes in addiction, marriage and family, and men’s issues. He holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and has taught on the Graduate Level at Webster University in the Master of Arts Teaching Program. He has been the Executive Director of two Recovery Treatment Programs in Chicago and St. Louis. Bob has managed staffs of over thirty individuals. He is also a Certified Peoplemap Trainer specializing in Corporate Communications and Problem Solving.

Dr. Blattner has an extensive and rich work history in addition to his education. His professional career began in 1975 at the Center for human services in Illinois. Dr. Blattner was in charge of creating an outpatient alcohol abuse program for the Center and did that until 1977.

Working at Ingalls Memorial Hospital in Harvey Illinois, Dr. Blattner was the inpatient coordinator of the addiction treatment program run by Mr. Terry Gorski. Mr. Terry Gorski is an expert in the field of addictions. He created a program that he allowed Dr. Blattner to run that has been nationally and internationally known. Dr. Blattner ran that program until 1981. In addition, he ran the program at Hyde Park Community Hospital in Hyde Park Illinois to 1982.

Dr. Blattner later took an opportunity to become a teacher at a very innovative school for gifted children in Arlington Heights Illinois. This program was created to address the special needs of gifted children and how they do not fit into a typical educational situation. These were artistically and intellectually gifted children of very high intelligence and creative energy. The school was named the Creative Children’s Academy. These children were all highly creative, and most had negative experiences when expected to fit the linear format of main stream education, often developing behaviour and other problems as a result. After only 6 to 8 weeks at the Creative Children’s Academy, these children had no behavioral problems. They were creating symphonies and paintings that were out of this world but they were also completing their course work. They had the freedom to go from one teaching station to another teaching station and the teachers worked individually with them. If a creative moment came up the children were allowed to follow their creative moment. Dr. Blattner helped the children in a counseling process to continue appreciating their talent which had previously been shamed in regular classrooms.

After the funding diminished for the Creative Children’s Academy, Dr. Blattner took a job as a pastoral director of a holistic health center that was based within a church. This was also a unique experiment in combining psychological services, physical services with an M.D. and a nurse, and spiritual services. A complete health planning conference was initiated by every client that came to the clinic. Each person was analyzed from a physical point of view by a medical doctor, nutritionally by the nurse, and psychologically and spiritually by the pastoral staff. All were licensed professional counselors. Dr. Blattner was in charge of the pastoral counseling staff.

Dr. Blattner worked there for two years until the funding ended. He then became employed by Parkside Medical Services Corporation, which ran treatment centers across the United States. Dr. Blattner took the executive director position at Parkside medical services in St. Louis Missouri.

Later, he was transferred to Clear Point which ran a treatment center. In this job Dr. Blattner ran and created family programs and saw addicts and alcoholics for individual and family counseling. When that program ended Dr. Blattner was given the opportunity to begin a private practice which he took.

Dr. Blattner has been in private practice offering services to, and creating programs for families, addicts and individuals ever since.