Blattner Counseling Services provides counseling to individuals, couples, and families in St Charles Missouri


Dr. Robert Blattner has been working on creating new products which can be used to support your process of learning and growing and healing. In the future this area will contain downloadable audio products and electronic books that can be easily used in any location to support your work with Dr. Blattner, or independently.

You will be able to download audio products and listen to Dr. Blattner teaching on many concepts including conflict resolution and relationship skills, communication skills, and many others. Your skills in these areas can be reinforced with or without seeing Dr. Blattner as a client.

Dr. Blattner has accumulated over 25 years of experience and knowledge and he is taking advantage of this unique platform to share his experience strength and hope with people who can learn and grow from it. Even when away from the office, you can experience lessons and wisdom available in this unique format.

Check back again soon since this area will be filling up with great quality products for you to use away from the office to reinforce your learning.