Our Services
Dr. Blattner offers individual therapy for men and women. The individual therapy process is offered in a warm and supportive way, giving encouragement for getting to know who they are and what they are dealing with in their life. The techniques used often include exploring the challenges of the individual from a family perspective.
Dr. Blattner teaches couples how to communicate more effectively with each other, presenting specific methods to resolve conflict effectively.
Many marriages have been saved through the interventions that couples have participated in. The critical emphasis is on being able to speak their truth to each other.
When families come in for treatment the family dynamics are explored thoroughly. The effort in the process is placed on each person getting to own their unique identity and to be heard and valued as somebody who is different than the rules and demands of the system.

Even young children are encouraged to say what they need to say.
The Peoplemap is a proven revolution in teaching people how to relate to each other and work together more productively. It's immediately effective in any sized organization. The Peoplemap training program was developed by Dr. Michael Lillibridge, Ph.D., a psychologist and a corporate and life coach. Dr. Blattner is the certified Peoplemap representative for the midwest.

Dr. Blattner has a passion for, and extensive experience in supporting the recovery from drug addiction and alcholism with teenagers and adults.

The process includes an evaluation to determine how the disease of alcoholism or addiction has progressed. Based on an evaluation, Dr. Blattner makes a recommendation for treatment. Individuals are referred to outpatient programs and intensive inpatient programs when needed.


Individual work with Dr. Blattner allows for a safe discussion of spiritual matters that supersede a religious point of view. People are given the freedom to discuss their psychological and spiritual natures. As people begin to explore what religion has done to them they are given a gateway into spirituality. They are given the freedom to explore their own beliefs in connection to their own core. This style of accepting encouragement leads to a personal enlightenment and joy.