I can’t believe how good I felt after my first session. If you would have told me that I would have cried during my very first meeting, I probably would have hit you. As a matter of fact I cried deeply for the very first time in my life while in my first session with you. That is why I also referred another friend of mine to come see you and it was no surprise to me that he reported a similar experience after his first session. The friend I referred told me he was very relieved after his first session since a man was able to understand his pain.

Gary N

I don’t know why I did not listen to you the very first time I came in here. It took me three sessions to know that your observations about my marriage were absolutely correct. I was being lied to. When we explored more in depth what I was feeling and I was able to talk, I was able to confront my husband in such a way as to not offend him, but to challenge him to be more honest. Because of this new found clarity, our marriage is now ending, which is something that needed to happen. I appreciate that I did not have to sit for six months in order to get to where we got in three sessions.

Cheryl F

I did not realize until I came to see you that I had been living as a dry drunk for the last three years. The rage inside of me came out as a critical judge. I did not realize that my upbringing was not only the cause of my addiction to alcohol, but also my addiction to judging others. I came to realize that it all stems from how I was judged throughout my entire life. I cannot thank you enough, because now my AA program has so much more significance to me. You have given me concrete tools and for that I thank you.

Charlie D

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing support you have given to me and my husband throughout the four years we worked with you. We were going through a terribly hard time with a family legal matter that caused immense stress for myself and my family. You kept showing up and giving encouragement and support to both of us through these hard times. My husband especially needed your help because of the overwhelming stress our situation put us through. You were like a steady rock that we could lean on in the middle of a tidal wave.

Claudia H